Huffy 24″ Cranbrook Girls Cruiser Bike with Perfect Fit Frame, Silver

But the Huffy pedal axles turned out to be spindlier than the clipless pedals. Short of rigging, say, toe clips and straps to the plastic Huffy pedals, I would have to use them as is with mechanically inefficient street shoes. Check out our Daily Deals for the best products at the best prices and sign up here to receive the BestReviews weekly newsletter full of shopping inspo and sales.

Despite the mechanical issues, the bike was supremely comfortable with its fat, springy seat and upright position. The bicycle even garnered compliments like “cool bike! Its humble Huffy origins, in addition being only one-speed and weighing as much as a boat anchor, only added to its mystique. When our shop re-opens to the public following the coronavirus outbreak, we’ll be happy to discuss options for fit customization, upgrades, and accessories. This pink cruiser for teens and adults has a vintage-inspired frame and an included basket to match. The fun purple color of this kid-sized beach cruiser goes perfectly with its flower decals and included bell.

The Huffy had not even arrived at my doorstep before I was planning a grand adventure for it. Colorado Springs seemed a natural destination for it since my friends Lisa and Jeremiah lived down there. I figured, maybe I could combine the ride with a visit to them and maybe join in some sort of late evening cruiser ride that is en vogue in hip cities such as Portland or Fort Collins.

If the bike has a derailleur 3/32″ / 2.4mm chains are used. Derailleur chains are also specific to the number of rear gears. 6, 7 and 8 speed systems use the same chain. I did conclude one more thing from the ride, however. Lance Armstrong would not have beat me to Colorado Springs if he was riding the Huffster and I was riding one of my other bikes. When I envisioned the ride I also figured I could swap out the pedals for any of the clipless pedals from my other bicycles. This would allow me to pull up and back on the pedals, using the hamstrings, instead of simply stomping down.

Their upright riding position, wide handlebars, and cushioned seats make them a favorite for anyone looking to enjoy the journey as much as the huffy trail runner destination. This resulted in the tubes escaping out of the tire carcasses and bursting. Spontaneously exploding tires are not a good thing.

Its stylish design and light blue color will fit in from city streets to the beach. This metallic orange beach cruiser has a durable steel frame, a single speed and coaster brakes, making it easy to ride, even for beginners. Cruiser bikes, with their classic design and comfortable ride, are a top choice for those who appreciate the simple pleasure of riding a bike. These bikes are perfect for leisurely rides through town, scenic coastal routes or even relaxed commutes.

huffy cruiser

Whether you’re shopping for the family princess or the local superhero, we’ve got you covered with Disney and Marvel bikes. Huffy cruisers are packed with comfort features to keep you going. Additional services may be available – please inquire with Delivery Company. If you think getting around Aspen is difficult in your car, try living in Los Angeles. During the five years I lived in Santa Monica, an 8-square-mile beach town on L.A.’s west side, I think I put only about 1,000 miles on my car. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment.

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Pop your favorite beverage into the cup holder and toss your keys, phone and sweater in the basket. The rear rack is perfect for bookbags, groceries, or whatever else you need to transport. This lovely periwinkle one-speed bike includes a deluxe padded spring saddle, dual density grips and pedals, and a simple coaster brake for easygoing adventures and pure fun in the fresh air. At the bike rental store I had we rented single speed cruisers. Single speed and mulit-speed, done with multi-speed hub (sometimes called internal gearing, hub has a single drive gear) is usually 1/8″ width size 1/2″ spacing, generic stuff.