The Path Less Traveled #010 Ozark Trail 30L Hiking Backpack Review

After all, I had to be sensitive to weight as we were required to carry our own water for 10 miles as there were no options for filtering during that stretch. Overall, it could have been roomier, but the weight savings were attractive to me with only one spar instead of two. Furthermore, I didn’t plan on being in the tent other than during the nights, so a roomier but heavier 1-person tent wasn’t desirable. The weather was going to be great and the hammock was where I wanted to be during the restful moments of the day.

I also liked how my head wasn’t directly beside the door, which often occurs for an end-door tent. If something crawled through the zipper door it wouldn’t immediately be inches from my face but instead would have to work its way a few more feet to my head. At the same time, my head ozark trail canopy wasn’t zero or six feet from the door, but about two or three feet at all times. Another important function is that it allows me to have a bag to put my batteries and electronics in if the airline says my main backpack is too large to be a carryon when I am already at the gate.

Has a hip belt to displace the load off your shoulders. I priced other internal frame daypacks before my trip and this was by far the cheapest. I took this pack on a 5-day mountain bike ride from Pittsburgh, Pa., to Washington, D.C., and it performed very well.

Usually I share a 2- or 3-person tent when backpacking with others to split up the weight, but as mentioned we each needed to be self-contained so I brought my 1-person tent from Ozark Trail. For most cases, the backpack that comes with me for hikes and longer trips is the Gregory Baltoro 65L. Includes compression straps on the sides to keep your gear stable. This pack has a lot of extra storage pockets for organization of your gear.

When all folded up, it takes up about the same amount of space as two t-shirts. Overall, its a great backup to have when traveling, and very inexpensive. Surprisingly, you don’t have to spend a lot to get a decent packpack to get you started.

ozark trail backpack

Great for hiking in warm weather, thanks to the breathable construction, mesh straps, and hydration bladder hook up. Material is durable and will stand up to heavy duty use. This hydration compatible backpack has a connection for a water bladder built in to the design. It also includes loops to hang your trekking poles when not in use. Here’s another AWESOME thing about the Ozark Trail Atka day pack.

I also like the fact that for my outdoor activities, it’s designed to hold a hydration bladder. It even has a rain cover built in, which is great when I’m riding my bicycle across town on a rainy day. It was one of those planned events in 2020 that was delayed for years, from what else, but the Covid-19 pandemic. Since the trip was three years in the making, the anticipation was doubly intense. Size is perfect for day trips, smaller individuals, and teens.

A backpack is perhaps the most important part of your hiking setup. Once again, it took me a little bit of time hiking before realizing that, but luckily, I have a few different suggestions after using several packs over the years. And, you don’t have to spend a ton to get something that will work for you.

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