Genesis Bike Rack

Product PresentationWe were honored to create the livery for the Rabobank/Giant teams. Teams that have scored stage and overall victories in the Grand Tours around the world. We’re experiencing a very high volume of orders during the Pre-Holiday Season.

Simple to operate with LED console and twist throttle only, no pedal assist or LCD…… The battery powering this bike delivers ~36 volts of power and 9 amp hours of capacity. That’s kind of average and the pack is a bit heavier than some equivalent designs because it uses a Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry vs. Lithium Manganese or Lithium Cobalt. The pack is kind of large and you can actually upgrade it to be even larger if you want, just be careful over large bumps given the limited strength of just one pair of support struts vs. higher end ProdecoTech bikes. Product PresentationFrom free-ride, long-travel mountain models to fun city bikes, the presentation is a key attractor on the sales floor. It’s really hard to give safe and accurate technical advice over the internet!

Product PresentationHelping to bring new categories to the market with beautiful and functional designs. The serial number is stamped into the bottom of the frame (under the bottom bracket). Head to the page below and fill out the warranty claim submission form.

We now have a list of rear-mech hangers compatible with Genesis bikes – please visit your local dealer to order one. With so many different variables this is an impossible question for us to answer properly! Please do head over to your local Genesis dealer to talk through price points, intended use and of course compatibility with the rest of your set-up.

genesis bike

The bikes are available either with rim brakes or hydraulic discs, but there is only one spec level with these bikes. The rim brake version can take tyres up to 28c, whereas the disc version can handle 30c. The steel tubes of these endurance bikes, with their ability to dampen the road buzz, make them perfectly suited to long days out in the saddle. Pannier and mudguard mounts are also present on these frames, adding to their versatility. The external cable routing and threaded bottom brackets are also features that will be well apricated by home mechanics. There are three different spec levels, with 10 being the entry level, 20 the mid-range and 30 being the top of this range.

For the entry level, you’ll get a Shimano Claris 2×8 drivetrain, an aluminium frame and carbon fork. Whilst the 30 model gets a Shimano 105 2×11 drivetrain, along with the aluminium frame and carbon fork. As the name suggests, these are bikes that are designed for the explicit purpose of riding on the road. Some are more race oriented, meaning mudguard and pannier mounts are forgone and the geometry is longer and lower. Others have more of an endurance focus, better suited to long rides and have all the mounts you need for light cycle-touring.

Ultimately, you get power and decent range here but only have a twist throttle to take advantage of it. Pedal assist adds cost and complexity but helps when climbing hills and ultimately extends your range while giving your wrist a break. The pack on this bike is removable and feels pretty solid but the rack it mounts to is high up and fairly rigid which creates more strain.

Check your inbox for our confirmation email and click the link to activate your newsletter.We don’t spam! Genesis supply the 27.2mm seat post, 75mm stem and 685mm medium rise bars, the Flux saddle is practical but may not suit everyone. A combination of clean lines and an eye pleasing Cyan Blue paint job make the Core a very pretty bike and at a price that is pretty attractive too.

The frameset is incredible versatile and lends itself to a multitude of different builds. You could put 38c tyres on it and go bike-packing on some gravel, or you could put front and rear pannier racks on, throw in some mudguards, and take it on an around the world tour. You could even commute, go on road rides, use it as a utility shopper. To me this bike is reminiscent of genesis bike first gen electric bike technology. In the early 2000’s many companies were using rear mounted packs because it’s easy and cheap, they didn’t have fancy pedal assist options and the computers were also very simple or non existent. The Genesis 500 brings updated Lithium batteries that are lighter and longer lasting and a variable speed twist throttle that is fun to use.

Genesis are a British brand that have been building decent bikes and a decent reputation so I was looking forward to a chance to see if the positive buzz about the company and their bikes was well earned. Product PresentationTrend setting and working with the factories to bring cutting-edge design concepts to a fast-paced market. Product PresentationWe developed the product graphic presentation for more than 200 unique models every year…while being on-trend, fresh and true to the brand.